Record Review – Stitched Up Heart – Darkness

Stitched Up Heart Released Their Second Record, Darkness.

Review by The Pit Master, “Sloppy” Joe Lyons

Stitched Up Heart released their album Darkness on March 13th via Another Century (Sony) and I have been waiting a full year for this one to hit the street. The build up to the release was unnerving because in my heart I knew it was coming after my conversation with the band during their tour in 2019 with Godsmack and Volbeat. I had been sworn to secrecy.

You see, Stitched Up Heart have been releasing singles for Darkness for nearly a year starting with “Lost” that featured the voice of Sully Erna of Godsmack. This is a song that instantly became my favorite song to date. I had a bit of a conversation with Mixi, vocalist for Stitched Up Heart, and she told the story about how this union came about in The Pit Podcast.

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Stitched Up Heart – Darkness Album Art

Better yet, Stitched Up Heart has released another song, “Dirty Secrets” a message of overcoming adversity in life, from Darkness shortly after my conversation with Mixi.

Crooked Halo is another standout for the band as it has the sound of experimenting with a different style of music that is not in the fold of their typical metal sound. It is a pretty cool song and was released in October 2019.

As a whole the record is put together well. A lot of strong messages in the music along with some very cool and unexpected surprises. I can’t find a stinker on Darkness, you won’t either. You can find Darkness everywhere you can stream or buy your music.

The Pitcast Episode 13 – Mixi Demner – Stitched Up Heart…again! 2020, Apr 4

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