Dirty Audio Machine Releases EP “Only Fury Remains”

Dirty Audio Machine

Dirty Audio Machine Review by The Pit Magazine photographer David Desin

Dirty Audio Machine, the Vancouver-based groove metal and thrash band, delivers an electrifying punch with their latest EP, “Only Fury Remains,” released in the Summer of 2023. Clocking in at just under 25 minutes, this record takes listeners on a wild ride through the challenges of life and making it through it, featuring a diverse range of vocals, captivating guitar riffs, and hard pounding drums.

The Dirty Audio Machine EP kicks off with “Damage Done,” setting the tone with a powerful combination of deep, gritty vocals and intense guitar riffs. The track is a sonic assault that grabs your attention from the first note, showcasing the band’s ability to create an immediate impact. The dynamic shifts in vocal delivery add layers of intensity with the sounds of the bass tapping along with the hard drum beats, creating a visceral experience for the listener. 

Damage Done music video: 

System of Revolution” follows suit, maintaining the high energy established by the opening track. The relentless drumming and intricate guitar work demonstrate Dirty Audio Machine’s musical prowess. The band seamlessly blends elements of groove metal and thrash, creating a sound that is both heavy and infectious.

As the EP progresses, “Weaker Born” introduces a slightly melodic edge without compromising the band’s raw intensity. The track explores a range of emotions, adding depth to the overall narrative of “Only Fury Remains.” The combination of clean and harsh vocals adds a dynamic contrast.

“Are You Alive” emerges as a standout track with its anthemic chorus and memorable guitar hooks. The relentless pace and aggressive delivery contribute to the EP’s overall ferocity. Dirty Audio Machine proves their ability to craft songs that are not only heavy but also memorable and impactful. 

Are You Alive music video: 

The EP concludes with “Nothing Left to Burn,” a fitting finale that maintains the energy of the previous tracks. The relentless drumming, coupled with the relentless guitar riffs, brings the EP to a climactic close, leaving a lasting impression on the listener.

“Only Fury Remains” is a testament to Dirty Audio Machine’s command over their craft. The EP showcases a perfect balance of aggression, melody, and musical intricacy. The band’s ability to navigate various vocal styles, from deep grit to melodic cleans, adds a layer of complexity to their sound. This record is a must-listen for fans of groove metal and thrash, as Dirty Audio Machine proves they are a force to be reckoned with in the metal scene.

Dirty Audio Machine lineup: 

Marshall Korn – vocals

Cory Gilmore – bass

Steve Ricardo – guitar

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Dirty Audio Machine - Only Fury Remains
Dirty Audio Machine – Only Fury Remains

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