PEYTON PARRISH Releases New Single “Fallen Angel” 

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Peyton Parrish Single “Fallen Angel” to be Release on Upcoming Record “Soul” January 6th.

Singer Peyton Parrish captivated audiences once again with his release, “Fallen Angel,” that debuted on December 15, 2024, across all major music platforms. This latest single is a remarkable preview from his eagerly awaited album, SOUL, which has skyrocketed to the #3 position for pre-orders globally across all genres. The full album is slated for release on January 6th, featuring the chart-topping sensation “Poetry Glass” as its lead single.

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Renowned for his unique blend of throaty Viking-inspired metal and post-grunge rock, Peyton Parrish has not only made a mark through original compositions but also gained widespread recognition for his inventive cover renditions. His viral rendition of the Assassin’s Creed Valhalla video game song, “My Mother Told Me,” which was included in the TV show Vikings.

In 2021 he hit viral Viking fame with “Battle Cries”, “Valhalla Calling”, “Ragnarok”, “Hail to Victory”, “War”, “We are Vikings”, “Skol”, “Fall Into Me”, “Drengr of Ragnarok’ and “For Honor”. In August of 2021 he received his first Billboard #1 with his cover of Mulan’s “I’ll Make a Man Out of You”.

In March of 2022 he received his second Billboard #1 with his cover of Hercules “Go the Distance.”

Peyton Parrish - Soul
Peyton Parrish – Soul

In 2023 his rock inspired Disney cover album The Most Magical Album on Earth gave him his first Billboard #1 album. Later that same year his Viking album Skalds of Metal gave us such viral hits as “Master of War” and “God of War”.

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Peyton Parrish

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