Battle Beast-Lawrence KS-5.16.24

2024-May-16-Battle Beast-The Granada-Lawrence KS-RJ

Battle Beast and Blackbriar at The Granada in Lawrence, Kansas on May 16th, 2024.

Photos and Review by The Pit Magazine Contributor RJ Photography.

Battle Beast brought their Circus of Doom Tour to The Granada in Lawrence Kansas on May 16th. This tour is their first one headlining in the US, and local music lovers have been anxiously awaiting their arrival. Excited fans filled the sidewalk outside the venue lining up well before doors opened.

2024-May-16-Blackbriar-The Granada-Lawrence KS-RJ
2024-May-16-Blackbriar-The Granada-Lawrence KS-RJ

Blackbriar were the openers for the night. The band is here from the Netherlands as the direct support for the tour. Their energy upon taking the stage was contagious, and concertgoers couldn’t help but smile watching them. Lead vocalist Zora Cock has the voice of an angel. Listening to her singing about sirens and the ocean, like in their song Arms of the Ocean, felt surreal. The crowd was entranced and impressed. All the members of Blackbriar were so lovely, and easily made fans out of first-time attendees to their show. 

Blackbriar Gallery

Finnish headliners, Battle Beast, stormed the stage after much anticipation and chanting from fans. The flashing lights and powerful presence of lead vocalist Noora Louhimo set the stage for a night of powerful music. Coming after the ethereal vocals of Zora Cock before her, Louhimo’s voice hit with all the strength and power of a hurricane. It was such an intense juxtaposition and made concertgoers Thursday night feel like they were getting the best of both worlds.

Battle Beast Gallery

Battle Beast music swayed beautifully from melodic to heavy and back again, keeping everyone on their toes. The band took a moment to speak about their home, and to thank Lawrence for such a warm welcome as soon as they arrived, leading into their song Place That We Call Home. Fans sang along to all of the songs on the setlist, an impressive feat for a band’s first tour in a different country. Battle Beast’s music and lyrics are powerful and resonate with listeners. You won’t want to miss them while they’re here!

2024-May-16-Battle Beast-The Granada-Lawrence KS-RJ
2024-May-16-Battle Beast-The Granada-Lawrence KS-RJ

Photos by The Pit Magazine photographer RJ Photography in Lawrence, KS. ©2024.

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