New Rock Super Group, The Limit, To Release Debut Record in April

Five members of The Limit, a rock band, posing under blue stage lighting, with serious expressions, wearing dark, eclectic outfits.

The Limit, Not Just Another Super Group, to Release “Caveman Logic” on April 9th! More than a super-group, The Limit goes over the edge, to deliver real-deal, soulful Rock and Roll. Consisting of members of legendary Punk instigators The Stooges, the founders of Doom Rock Pentagram, legendary NYC Punk originators…

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Record Review – Static X

Four men from Static X posing for a photo, one with elaborate black and white face makeup and spiked hair, others with intense expressions, set against a dark background.

Record Review – Static X – Project Regeneration Vol 1 Review by “Sloppy” Joe Lyons Static X has released one 2020’s most expected records, Project Regeneration Volume 1. A record that was released almost 20 years after Wisconsin Death Trip. Then put the record together with the original Death Trip…

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Record Review – Lamb of God – Self Titled

Five members of the band Lamb of God pose against a red wall, dressed in black with distinct hairstyles and tattoos.

Lamb of God Returns, After a Long FiveYears With Their 8th, “Self-Titled”, Studio Record. Review by “Sloppy” Joe Lyons – The Pitmaster Lamb of God had put off the release of the record due to the COVID. This record will set the standard for metal in 2020. The self-titled record…

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Record Review – Stitched Up Heart – Darkness

Mixi Demner, a female vocalist with blonde hair and tattoos, performs on stage flanked by two male guitarists, under blue and purple stage lighting.

Stitched Up Heart Released Their Second Record, Darkness. Review by The Pit Master, “Sloppy” Joe Lyons Stitched Up Heart released their album Darkness on March 13th via Another Century (Sony) and I have been waiting a full year for this one to hit the street. The build up to the release was unnerving because in my heart I knew it was…

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A Killer’s Confession – The Indifference of Good Men – Record Review

Four men posing aggressively for a band photo in front of a metal door, the lead vocalist extending his fist towards the camera, with "A Killer's Confession" text overlay.

A Killer’s Confession Second Record “The Indifference of Good Men” to be Released Soon! A Killer’s Confession reviewed by The Pitmaster It has been just a shade over 18 months since A Killer’s Confession released their debut record “Unbroken” that was released by EMP Group founded by Dave Ellifson of…

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Lacuna Coil – Black Anima – Record Review

Four members of Lacuna Coil in dramatic gothic-style costumes, posing against a dark background with the band's logo in front.

Italian gothic metal icons Lacuna Coil will be releasing their new album Black Anima this morning October 11th via Century Media Records Lacuna Coil Record Reviewed by Vince Andreasen. Italian metal heavyweights Lacuna Coil have been together for well over 20 years and will release their 9th studio album Black Anima on Oct 11th.  It is perhaps…

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