A Killer’s Confession – Lincoln NE – 7.13.21

A Killer’s Confession at The Royal Grove in Lincoln, Nebraska on July 17, 2021. Photos & Review by Bob DeHart Photography A Killer’s Confession took took the stage opening with “Light to Darkness”. Lead singer Waylon Reavis was amazing, performing all the anger and attitude you would expect from a…

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A Killer’s Confession – The Indifference of Good Men – Record Review

A Killer’s Confession Second Record “The Indifference of Good Men” to be Released Soon! A Killer’s Confession reviewed by The Pitmaster It has been just a shade over 18 months since A Killer’s Confession released their debut record “Unbroken” that was released by EMP Group founded by Dave Ellifson of…

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A Killers Confession – Omaha – 7.25.27

The Pit Magazine, Winsel Concertography, Winsel Photography, A Killers Confession, Waylon Reavis, Wired Pub, Omaha, Nebraska

A Killers Confession at Wired Pub & Grill in Omaha, Nebraska on July 25th, 2017. A Killers Confession is the new band fronted by Waylon Reavis that I had been waiting for since his departure from Mushroomhead. This band is no joke. Strong, aggressive and not afraid to speak their…

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Record Review – Unbroken – A Killer’s Confession

The Pit Magazine, The Pit Master, A Killer's Confession, Unbroken, New Ocean Media

A review of “Unbroken” by A Killer’s Confession by The Pit Master My friend Doug hit me up the other day to listen to “Unbroken” by A Killer’s Confession. I am always down to dig on some new music. So, he sends me an advanced digital copy of the record…

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