Record Review – Stitched Up Heart – Darkness

Stitched Up Heart Released Their Second Record, Darkness. Review by The Pit Master, “Sloppy” Joe Lyons Stitched Up Heart released their album Darkness on March 13th via Another Century (Sony) and I have been waiting a full year for this one to hit the street. The build up to the release was unnerving because in my heart I knew it was…

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DEAD BY WEDNESDAY – New Self-Titled Album – Record Review

Dead by Wednesday – Self titled album review By Vince Andreasen New England heavy metal band Dead by Wednesday released their self-titled album with a new line-up and renewed sense of purpose.  Original members Mike Modeste (bass) and Christian ‘Opus’ Lawrence (drums) are now joined with Dave Sharpe (guitar) and…

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Queensryche – The Verdict – Record Review

The Pit Magazine, Queensryche, Michael Whilton, Todd La Torre, Eddie Jackson, Parker Lundgren, The Verdict

Queensryche Released Their New Record “The Verdict” on March 1st, 2019. My Queensryche History Lesson Before I begin the review of The Verdict by Queensryche, I will offer a bit of a history lesson. I was a young guy in Germany in the mid-80s. In 1984 one of my Army…

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A Killers Confession – Omaha – 7.25.27

The Pit Magazine, Winsel Concertography, Winsel Photography, A Killers Confession, Waylon Reavis, Wired Pub, Omaha, Nebraska

A Killers Confession at Wired Pub & Grill in Omaha, Nebraska on July 25th, 2017. A Killers Confession is the new band fronted by Waylon Reavis that I had been waiting for since his departure from Mushroomhead. This band is no joke. Strong, aggressive and not afraid to speak their…

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Another Lost Year w/Never Say Die – Omaha – 3.10.17

The Pit Magazine, Winsel Photography, Winsel Concertography, Another Lost Year, Alien Architect, Never Say Die, Destroy+Rebuild, Shamrocks Pub, Omaha, Nebraska

Another Lost Year stopped in Omaha, Nebraska with Never Say Die on March 3rd, 2017 Another Lost Year rolled into Shamrocks Pub in Omaha, Nebraska on March 3rd. I make every effort to see the guys from ALY, although it was bone chilling cold, the place was lit up for…

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