Gemini Syndrome – Lincoln NE – 7.13.21

GEMINI SYNDROME Releases New Digital Track “Broken Reflection”  Where do I start? I have been a fan and friend of Gemini Syndrome since before “Lux“ was released. I have been receiving press releases about new music since December 2020. Seriously, they have released three singles AND a record in the last eight…

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Record Review – Unbroken – A Killer’s Confession

The Pit Magazine, The Pit Master, A Killer's Confession, Unbroken, New Ocean Media

A review of “Unbroken” by A Killer’s Confession by The Pit Master My friend Doug hit me up the other day to listen to “Unbroken” by A Killer’s Confession. I am always down to dig on some new music. So, he sends me an advanced digital copy of the record…

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American Standards – Anti-Melody Record Review

The Pit Magazine, American Standards, Anti Melody, The Pitmaster

American Standards record review of Anti-Melody by The Pitmaster American Standards, an Arizona based quartet are set to release their forthcoming full-length album, Anti-Melody today April 28th. Forming in 2011 and releasing their first record in 2012 on We Are Triumphant, the band quickly became known for their intense live show, tongue in…

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Record Review – Davey Suicide – Made From Fire

The Pit Magazine, The Pit Master, Winsel Photography, Winsel Concertography, Davey Suicide, Made From Fire

Record Review of Davey Suicide’s soon to be released record, “Made From Fire” by The Pit Master BAM!! Davey Suicide gives this to you from the first note of “Made From Fire” which has a March 24th, 2017 release date. The intro for the record unapologetically melted my face with…

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