Steel Panther-Omaha-4.18.24

2024-April-18-Steel Panther-The Admiral-Omaha-NE-Bob DeHart

Steel Panther at The Admiral in Omaha, Nebraska on April 18th, 2024.

Photos and Review by The Pit Magazine Contributor, Bob DeHart Photography

Going to a Steel Panther show is like going back into time, in the middle of the 1980’s during the hair band era. You get all the spandex and hairspray you can handle and throw in some loud anthems that
has the crowd singing along note for note to from the first to last song. Throw in some great audience participation, bringing some of the crowd on stage to join in the fun is always a highlight of a Steel
Panther show.

I think the last time I covered them, I wrote they are a “hide your wives and daughters” type of event when they get to town. Well…not much has changed. The guys in Steel Panther are only serious about one thing, and that’s having a good time. And they take it as their job that everyone in the audience has a great time too. They take a lot of heat from some people and are labeled at times as a “parody” band. But the thing is, all the guys in the band are great musicians and they write some amazing songs. Not songs you can play in very many public places, but great songs nonetheless. Steel Panther is made up of lead vocalist Michael Starr, lead guitarist Satchel (Russ Parish), drummer Stix Zadinia, and bassist Spyder .

One thing I love most about a Steel Panther is the comedic vibe they put out. Lots of jokes, mostly about themselves. Which lets you know they don’t take themselves too serious. But they are entertaining for sure. There are a lot laughs throughout the night for sure. But all that aside, what you get from them is a great rock and roll show. Great songs, lots of energy, and guitar solos that will melt your skin. The crowd is all in, the wear the spandex, they wear the wigs, and there is enough hair spray in the room that it makes me happy there is a no smoking policy in the building.

Steel Panther is not for everyone. If you are not comfortable with overt sexual lyrics and comedy…you may want to stay home. But if you need a night out to cut loose and have a good time to some great
music and laughs, then these are the guys for you. Not pretentious, just rock and roll and fun. That’s all it is really about.

2024-April-18-Steel Panther-The Admiral-Omaha-NE-Bob DeHart
2024-April-18-Steel Panther-The Admiral-Omaha-NE-Bob DeHart

Photos by The Pit Magazine photographer, Bob DeHart Photography in York, Nebraska. ©2024.

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