New Music from earMUSIC: AMAHIRU


Amahiru combines traditional metal with melodic and oriental-infused elements.

Amahiru arose from the friendship between Frédéric Leclercq and SAKI. Having gotten to know each other in 2015 when Mary’s Blood opened for Dragonforce in Hong Kong, they immediately hit it off — both personally and musically. After exchanging many ideas over the years, Frédéric finally travelled to Japan in March 2019 to finalize what soon became their debut album.
Combining traditional metal with melodic and oriental-infused elements, Amahiru‘s self-titled debut will be released on November 27 on earMUSIC.
Besides Frédéric and SAKI (also of NEMOPHILA, all-female Japanese metal bands) on guitars and bass, further prominent musicians from the metal scene gathered to turn this project into a musical powerhouse. Coen Janssen of Epica was the first to join. Then came Mike Heller, extraordinary drummer of Fear Factory and Raven. And last, but not least, Archie Wilson joining on vocals, adding an essential part to Amahiru’s music with his powerful voice, his great sense of rhythm, and his versatility. Additionally, the Shakuhachi (traditional Japanese woodwind instrument), which was recorded by the Japanese virtuoso Kifu Mitsuhashi, gives the world of Amahiru a great, exotic touch.
I have listened through this record a few times and it is really good. Archie Wilson’s voice is powerful and works well as the band’s front man. What can I say, a band with two lead guitarists can’t be wrong. The harmonics in some of the riffs are ultra cool. The introduction of the oriental instruments into the record set it apart from traditional metal records, most notably in “Ninja No Tamashii”.
I am especially drawn to “Samurai” which is unapologetically full-throttled.  Super cool is bringing in keyboard by Coen Janssen. Overall, this is a very good track. The riffs are heavy AF and throwing in a couple of solos make this one of the hardest songs on the record. Mike Heller beats the hell out of the drums on this song which just adds to the screaming heavy metal feel to the song.
This is a record that is in regular rotation in The Pit’s office and it is worth to have it in your physical collection of music. Be sure to buy it on its release date on November 27th!
“I’m influenced by many artists, pretty much anything I hear I can consider an influence and music should be the reflection of that,” Frédéric says. “With Amahiru, I personally wanted to do something groovy and melodic and still metal/hard rock. We didn’t want to make 12 songs sounding the same. SAKI and I have a lot in common musically and it was really easy to work together in the same direction.”
“Way Out”
“Ninja No Tamashii”
“Bringing Me Down”
“Lucky Star” (Feat. Elize Ryd)
“Bringing Me Down (Feat. Sean Reinert) [Alternative Version]
“Zombi” (Bonus Track)
Frédéric Leclercq — Rhythm and Lead Guitar + Bass Guitar
SAKI — Lead Guitar
Archie Wilson — Vocals
Coen Janssen — Keys
Mike Heller — Drums
Amahiru- Self Titled

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