Greta van Fleet, Geese, & Mirador-St Louis MO-4.27.24

2024-April-27-Greta van Fleet-Chaifetz Arena-St Louis-MO-Sevauna Stageman

Greta van Fleet, Geese, & Mirador at Chaifetz Arena in St. Louis, Missouri on April 27th, 2024.

Photos and Review by The Pit Magazine Contributor Sevauna Photography

In the heart of St. Louis, this special Saturday night began to fill the streets with eager fans awaiting for doors to open at the Chaifetz Arena. This was the opening show for Greta Van Fleet their world tour, “Starcatcher”, named after their most recent album. The 10,000 fans of this sold-out show began shuffling in, buzzing with excitement. 


The lights dimmed and the crowd stirred with anticipation, knowing Mirador was about to take the stage for the first time. Greta Van Fleet Guitarist, Jake Kiszka, debuted his new band, as he is the lead singer and guitarist. For this tour, he will be playing in two different sets for every show. He formed this group with Chris Turpin, who is also part of the duo band Ida Mae.

Opening with “Feels Like Gold”, the crowd roared in cheers to see Jake Kiszka center stage. They showcased their unique sound, a blend of mellow melodies with mesmerizing guitar and harmonizing vocals. Throughout the set, they switched between acoustic and electric guitars. A cello was introduced mid-set for “Fortunes Fate”. Despite this being their debut show, they had no trouble captivating the fans, leaving them hungry for more.


Opening next for Greta van Fleet was Brooklyn-based rock band, Geese. Following Mirador, they kept the same mellow energy, opening with “2122”, the leading song of their most recent album, “3D Country”. Utilizing a plethora of instruments, they had a unique sound unlike any other. From guitar and bass to multiple synthesizer notes and beating drums, the audience was all ears to this new sound. Lead singer Cameron Winter brought warm and dreamy vocals, tying up the perfect blend this band brought onto the stage. Their quick five-song set perfectly prepared the audience for Greta Van Fleet, the much-anticipated headliner.

Greta Van Fleet

As ethereal notes growing in volume filled the venue, the eager fans began to cheer awaiting Greta van Fleet behind a curtain. As ethereal notes growing in volume filled the venue, the eager fans began to cheer awaiting what would be behind the curtain drop. As it fell along with the lights, the silhouettes of all four band members took center stage. Comprising of brothers Josh, Jake, and Sam Kiszka, along with drummer Danny Wagner, Greta Van Fleet has quickly risen to fame.

They wasted no time jumping into the first song of their soon-to-be unforgettable set, “The Falling Sky”. The lights shimmered on their diamond-covered colorful suits, looking right out of the 1970’s. These were a perfect match to their sound, straight out of a time capsule. Known for their unique flavor of modernized classic rock, they bring together fans of all ages. They continued with multiple songs off of “Starcatcher”, their most recent album. Released in July of 2023, they debuted at eight on the US Billboard 200 as well as selling 46,000 units all in its first week.

They transitioned into some of their top hits of all time. Tracks such as “Heat Above” and “Highway Tune” had the crowd on their feet, singing each song word for word. Josh Kizska pulled out a bundle of white roses to throw out to fans, which he continued to do for most of the set. While the fans were still ecstatic, a transition was made for an astonishing drum solo from Wagner. After his ten-minute performance, the lights dropped and shined over to a small stage in the back of the venue. All three Kizska brothers brought out acoustic instruments for an intimate set including yet another huge hit, “Black Smoke Rising” that sounded beautiful in this new rendition.

As their set was nearing the end, all three Kizskas had their time to shine. Josh hit impressive vocals with long and high notes that lingered through the set. Both Jake and Sam had 10-minute guitar solos showing their raw talent in many guitar styles.

The lights dimmed after “The Archer”, another hit off of “Starcatcher”. This crowd was of course hungry for more. The cheers were deafening as Josh Kizska took stage once more. To end the night, they performed “Farewell For Now”. Josh insured the audience that “This is not a goodbye, but a farewell for now”. The fans waved their arms back and forth with the band throughout the track for a bittersweet end of the night. The band returned to center stage where they began for a final bow. Thunderous applause lingered through the venue as the lights fell one last time. The crowd shuffled out now having an unforgettable experience of Greta Van Fleet live.

2024-April-27-Greta van Fleet-Chaifetz Arena-St Louis-MO-Sevauna Stageman
2024-April-27-Greta van Fleet-Chaifetz Arena-St Louis-MO-Sevauna Stageman

Photos by The Pit Magazine photographer Sevauna Photography in St. Louis, Missouri. ©2024.

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