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Sinking in Ink Record Review by Vince Andreason

Omaha’s Saints of Lust return with Sinking in Ink, another collection of solid rock-n-roll tunes with top-notch production quality and plenty of attitude.  Their sound is a perfect blend of vintage rock and modern punk, with a moxie that feels more like they originated from the LA market rather than the Midwest.

Saints of Lust’s prior two releases consisted of cleverly crafted song with infections hooks and solid musicianship.  Sinking in Ink follows suit with a little Pink Floyd-esque production value.  There is a lot going on in the background and I highly recommend you give this entire 7 song record a listen with headphones, or ear-buds for the iDevice generation.

Sinking in Ink opens with sirens in the background before launching into F_cking Noise, a killer track with crunchy guitars and a straight driving rhythm that is destined to be a show opener that gets the crowds fired up.   But, that f_cking noise just serves as an appetizer, as the up-tempo pulse continues with The Machine. Another hard driving track with a pounding snare drum intro and killer guitar hooks.

 Things take a psychedelic turn with The Air that I Breath.  The track opens with labored breathing from a respirator before settling into a thumping bass drum intro.   There is a little effect on singer Michael Gagliani’s voice that, in addition to his ability to bend in-and-out of notes, really gives this song an eerie yet alluring quality.

Words I’ve Never Known contains a 70’s era keyboard intro, think Deep Purple, then quickly transitions into a punk style shuffle very reminiscent of Social Distortion.  The title track Sinking in Ink is a slower dirge with a syncopated rhythm and clever use of background whispers tagging occasional verses, and some haunting laughter in the background.

Angry is every bit the straight-up rocker you would expect a song titled Angry to be.  The song centers around a tumultuous relationship that insights rage, but what is really cool is the bridge of the song is a spoken rant from the female point of view.

Sinking in Ink left me yearning for more.  Saints of Lust are incredible musicians, and this is a textbook release on how to craft a great rock record without being indulgent.  Guitar work is solid, and often provides the hook in the songs, without excessive solos.  Bass and drums are equally strong providing crisp and tight rhythms, without crazy fills or absurd tempos.   Michael’s vocals adjust in tone to naturally blanket atop the music, and the song writing is excellent.   Plus, the extra production value never feels disjointed or unnecessary.

Hats off to Saints of Lust for another great release!  If you haven’t heard or seen these guys yet, I highly recommend you check them out.

Saints of Lust are:

Michael Gagliani – vocals

Greg Turner – bass

Will Oxford – drums

Roger Fletcher – guitar

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