Ovtlier – The Royal Grove – Lincoln NE – 7.18.21

OVTLIER Premieres Single for BULLETPROOF”

Ovtlier has grown into a roaring rock band of stadium ambitions. Led by the enigmatic frontman Joey ArenaOvlier has already captured the hearts of more than 60K daily followers online, more than 2.1 million views of fan-curated content on YouTube, over half a million streams Spotify, appearing in Revolver MagazineAlternative PressLoudwireABC News and has been selling out shows around the Northeast. Drawing influences from Breaking Benjamin, 30 Seconds To Mars, Korn, Periphery and others, Ovtlier brings the rock and metal edge to a new height of intensity.

“We live in an age where everything has become politicized; from image to virus. I have watched both bands and people label and segregate one another solely based on a difference of not character but opinion. We are force-fed so much false information by the media, although many are aware, we still have lost some humanity. I have grown impatient with the amount of ignorance and hypocrisy that spews from the puppets of this world. Anger would be an understatement. I look forward to the day people can look to grey area and realize there’s more to it all. “Bulletproof” is a call to my fellow man to remove the veils and look into the grey. These corrupt politicians are playing you. I don’t care what side you stand on or what bias feelings you hold to your “party”. I’m not left or right, up or down. I look at character and could care less about the empty promises and bullshit they are selling to your emotions only to gain a vote. I refuse to be a pawn in their game. We will never divide our audience based on age, sex, identity or politics, for our goal is to bring love and light together. Our “leaders” don’t want unity for that becomes a threat to agenda. I’m fed up. I want the old model to fall so we can build within its stead. It’s time for change and that starts with us” says Joey Arena.

Listen to “Bulletproof” below!!!


Show Review by Bob DeHart

Before covering Ovtlier’s show with Gemini Syndrome, I wasn’t as familiar with them. I’ve heard a few of my friends refer to them but hadn’t checked them out yet myself. And so, like I always do when covering a band I’m not as familiar with, I go to Spotify and see what I’ve been missing out on. And with Ovtlier, I realized I’d been missing out on a lot. The new single, “Bulletproof”, definitely caught my attention and I also fell in love with the song “Break”. Which seems to be a fan favorite with well over a million streams. 

As for the show, they did not disappoint. The crowd was a little smaller that night, a Tuesday in the Midwest, but you would have never known from the energy and enthusiasm they brought to the stage. As far as Ovtlier was concerned they were playing to a packed house. My favorite was when they played the new single, “Bulletproof”, the song hit like a punch in the mouth. I definitely became a fan that night. and they have been added to my Spotify playlists. I hope I get a chance to see them again when they can play a longer set then is allowed to a supporting act, because on this night, it just wasn’t quite long enough for me. 

Inspired by everything 80’s to 90s grunge and NuMetal, Arena began playing guitar at the age of 11 on an old 3-string guitar. After achieving commercial success with his band, Young Bloods, Arena re-centered himself and began traveling 8 hours from Rochester to Cleveland in search of an identity. Playing sold-out hometown shows, touring the states and rapidly growing their fan-base among all types of music fans. Housing a hybrid sound that cross-pollinates into other sub-genres, giving a formula to freedom in songwriting and forever being able to validate surprise in their releases to come. Ovtlier is set out to deliver their most personal and intense work yet.

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Photos by The Pit Magazine photographer, Bob DeHart Photography in York, Nebraska. ©2021.

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