Pitcast 4: Fred Burman of Satan Takes a Holiday

Pitcast 4: Fred Burman of Satan Takes a Holiday

Pitcast 4 goes international with a conversation with Fred Burman of Satan Takes a Holiday who are “Straight Out of Stockholm” – HA!!

With their mix of rock’n’roll, 60’s garage and 70’s groove, SATAN TAKES A HOLIDAY are seen as one of the best live bands in Sweden. The band are regulars at festivals, as well as having been on stints with Mustasch and Juliette Lewis.

“This was a great time for us and it served us a lot of incredible chances and moments, such as meeting long-time-favourites the Specials and Juliette Lewis and playing the biggest stages on festivals in front of crowds of thousands,” says guitarist / vocalist Fred Burman. “Also to have people screaming back the lyrics to the songs that just gotten airplay was amazing. It all happened really fast and we had a blast.”

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Satan Takes a Holiday

August of 2016 saw SATAN TAKES A HOLIDAY sign with Despotz Records as they prepared for the release of their fourth effort, “Aliens”. Essentially an album that deals with alienation, anxiety and powerlessness – feeling out of place in contemporary culture, in social contexts as well as in oneself – “Aliens” leaves you standing in the center of the present only to be asking: ’how the hell did this happen!?’

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