Knocked Loose-Chicago-10.14.22

Knocked Loose at Wintrust Arena in Chicago, Illinois on October 14th, 2022

Photos and Review by The Pit Magazine Contributor Sevauna Photography

This was my second time seeing Knocked Loose this year. I previously saw them open for $uicideboy$ In St.Louis, Missouri in September. Both performances were great, but I would have to say this one was my favorite. Knocked Loose performed at The Wintrust Arena as an opener for Bring Me The Horizon. This was my first time attending and photographing at this venue. I really enjoyed the setup with a large pit area. .

Knocked Loose is not for the weak, being a hardcore punk band. The energy they gave off was intense and well reciprocated with the pit. There were tons of moshing happening, especially surprising since they were the first opener. They truly set the scene for the rest of the concert. Lead Singer Bryan Garris gave his all. I would say 99% of his vocals were screaming. He gets all of my respect just from that! It can be a difficult feat in live music for an entire set. Both guitarists did an exceptional job as well. They had just as much energy as Garris, doing all they could do to hype up the crowd. They played a part in background vocals as well. Overall, they had a great set. They were the perfect band to open this concert. Their energy blew me away and set the energy for the rest of the show.

2022, Oct 14-Knocked Loose-Wintrust Arena Chicago-Sevauna

Photos by The Pit Magazine photographer Sevauna Photography in St. Louis, MO. ©2022.

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