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Disturbed at Hollywood Casino Amphitheatre in St. Louis, Missouri on August 29th, 2023.

Disturbed Photos and Review by The Pit Magazine Contributor Sevauna Photography

As the sun began to set here in St.Louis, energy was buzzing through the Hollywood Casino Amphitheater for the one and only Disturbed. Opener Breaking Benjamin began the night like no other, having the audience already up from their seats. After a few name and member changes, they released their debut album “The Sickness” in 2000. They owned the heavy metal scene in no time. With over four million records sold, they hit 20 on the Billboard 200. They went on to release eight more albums, each growing their popularity that continues to remain.

The Disturbed signature deep chords began in the crowd-pleasing “Hey You”. Colors shined from behind the curtain, flashing silhouettes of each band member. This alone had everyone cheering, prepared for a night of pure hard rock. As the curtain dropped, lead singer David Draiman walked the stage in a trench coat and leather boots. The audience was deafening, simply from his appearance. This is when I knew it would be an unforgettable night. Flames emerged behind each band member as they transitioned into one of several smash hits, “Stupify”. After a few more electrifying tracks, the lights dimmed and the amphitheater came quiet for the somber and acoustic “A Reason To Fight”.

Following this song, the fans were strapped in for an emotional gut punch that Draiman would deliver. In his words, “The largest group therapy session”. The big screens requested a moment of silence for the ones we have lost to suicide. Draiman made a speech that sent chills down every spine, explaining the dangers of depression and drug addiction. Fighting tears, he tributed friends in his community that we have lost, such as Chester Bennington and Chris Cornell. Shock was sent through the crowd when it was admitted he almost joined him earlier this year. Following explaining his son as well as his fans is why he made it through, the audience roared. Drainman broke down while the majority of the crowd were in tears themselves. An emotional connection such as this is hard to come by in the industry, bringing everyone even closer together for the rest of the performance.

Focusing on each instrument that comes together, this was followed by a drum solo from Mike Wengren, as well as one for Guitarist Dan Donegan. A violin and cello were brought in, followed by the opening piano for their well-known Simon and Garfunkel cover of “The Sound of Silence”. The audience began to sway, phones and lighters in the air. In no time, they were back to their heavy metal roots, nearing the show to its end. After the lights dimmed, the audience wasn’t finished with them yet. After the audience delivered the most immense roar of the night, the band ran back on stage for a three-song encore. As the iconic beating drums of “Down With The Sickness” began, everyone prepared their “oo ah ah ah ah!”. Fists were up and heads were banging. This was a perfect way to close an unforgettable show. Fans shuffled out with messy hair and raspy voices.

This well surpassed merely a performance. It was an emotional connection between fans and band members alike. A journey of celebration, darkness, and the power of Rock.

2023-Aug-29-Disturbed-Hollywood Casino Amphitheatre-St-Louis-Sevauna Stageman Photography-thepitmagazine.com-3X3A5853
2023-Aug-29-Disturbed-Hollywood Casino Amphitheatre-St-Louis-Sevauna Stageman Photography-thepitmagazine.com-3X3A5853

Photos by The Pit Magazine photographer Sevauna Photography in St. Louis, MO. ©2023.

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