Tesla-Northfield OH-8.4.23

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Tesla at the MGM Grand Casino in Northfield Park, Ohio on August 4th, 2023.

Photos and Review by The Pit Magazine Contributor David Desin Photography

Telsa brought some Rock n’ Roll to the Center Stage in front of a SOLD OUT crowd. They started off their first song with “Lady Luck” and then rocked the rest of the 17 song set list. They included big hits “ What You Give”, “Love Song” and “Modern Day Cowboy”. Their songs make you feel like you should be going down the highway with top off jamming or riding dirt bikes on on back dirt road with your helmet off. It definitely made you feel like you were in the late 80’s early 90’s. 

I have always been a fan of the Tesla and Jeffs high scratchy voice. Glad I was able to catch this concert. I have 6 out their 8 studio albums along with some their singles. Tesla’s last album was released in 2019 titled “Shock”. These guys are still going strong and showing no sign of slowing down. 

Tesla Set List: 

1. Lady Luck

2. Modern Day Cowboy

3. Hang Tough

4. Time 2 Rock

5. Heavens Trail

6. Miles Away

7. Changes

8. We’re No Good Together

9. Private Ledbetter 

10. Lazy Days, Crazy Nights

11. Love Me

12. Call It What You Want

13. What You Give

14. Edisons Medicine

15. Love Song

16. Lil Suzi

17. Signs

2023-Aug-4-Tesla-MGM Grand Northfield Park-David Desin-thepitmagazine.com-IMG_6275E
2023-Aug-4-Tesla-MGM Grand Northfield Park-David Desin-thepitmagazine.com-IMG_6275E

Photos by The Pit Magazine photographer David Desin Photography, in Eerie, Pennsylvania. ©2023.

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