Scattered Hamlet Releases New Single & Music Video

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Scattered Hamlet Releases “Black Flag (I Like It) From Upcoming EP “Wishing Well”

Southern influenced hard rockers, Scattered Hamlet, have dropped their new single “Black Flag (I Like It)” ahead of their coming EP, Wishing Well (available Nov. 20). The band has also been announced as part of the Rock Fest 2021 lineup along with Disturbed, Staind, Steel Panther, Anthrax, Korn, Chevelle, Snoop Dogg and many others. Wishing Well marks their first official album release since the tragic accident that left drummer, Jake Delling Le Bas, in a coma for nearly two years prompting them to release their version of the Twisted Sister classic, “Stay Hungry” in his honor.

According to frontman/guitarist, Adam Joad “The Appalachian Apostle,” the band was set to release a full length but COVID-19 forced them to shelve it due to their entire touring schedule getting cancelled for the summer. Joad explained, “2020 was like a giant kick in the balls to the entire industry… we decided to shelve the full length for a later date and put out an EP with some new tracks I had been writing during the lockdown.” In regard to the single, Black Flag (I Like It), Joad stated, “With everything crazy going on in the world, I wanted to write a song about just getting in your car, cranking the tunes, and forgetting about your troubles. It was summer time, I was listening to the radio and I thought about all the bands that influenced our sound, and I wanted to give a few some shout outs…shout outs are common in Outlaw Country and classic Hip Hop but not so much in the rock world. I figured why not, but it also had to have some slide and talkbox – then I was happy.”

Scattered Hamlet released the new song in advance of yet to be released record “Wishing Well.” An ass kicking good time! Solid rock riffs let by Adam Joad singing his balls off. This record is filled with great guitar riffs and solid rhythm that makes you tap your toes and drive like a bat out of hell! Joad is a solid lead guitarist and vocalist. The band is backed up with bassist, Rich Erwin and drummer, Grant on drums. I really dig this record it has balls like rock should have. You can preorder “Wishing Well” HERE!

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Scattered Hamlet – Wishing Well EP

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