Metal Church-Pittsburgh-11.12.23

2023-Nov-12-Metal Church-Crafthouse Stage-Pittsburgh-David Desin

Metal Church at the Crafthouse Stage & Grill in Pittsburgh, Pennsylvania on November 12th, 2023.

Photos and Review by The Pit Magazine Contributor David Desin Photography

A Thrashing Triumph: Metal Church Unleashes Metal Fury at Crafthouse, Pittsburgh.

Metalheads of Pittsburgh witnessed an unforgettable night of pure metal as the legendary Metal Church took the stage at Crafthouse on November 12, 2023. With a current lineup that’s as fierce as ever, the band delivered a performance that reminded everyone in attendance why they are considered titans of the heavy metal genre. The stage was set, and the atmosphere was charged with anticipation as Metal Church’s current lineup, featuring the powerhouse vocals of Marc Lopes, the blistering guitar work of Kurdt Vanderhoof and Rick Van Zandt, the thunderous bass lines of Steve
Unger, and the relentless drumming of Stet Howland, emerged under the ominous red lighting.

2023-Nov-12-Metal Church-Crafthouse Stage-Pittsburgh-David Desin
2023-Nov-12-Metal Church-Crafthouse Stage-Pittsburgh-David Desin

Kicking off the night with the thunderous “Ton of Bricks,” Metal Church wasted no time in asserting their dominance over the venue. Lopes’s vocals cut through the air like a chainsaw, and the twin guitar assault of Vanderhoof and Van Zandt brought an intensity that left no room for subtlety. The crowd erupted into a sea of headbanging as the band seamlessly transitioned into classic after classic, including “Hitman” and “Start the Fire.” One of the highlights of the evening was the performance of tracks from Metal Church’s latest album, showcasing their continued ability to evolve while staying true to their thrash roots. The relentless energy of songs and proving that Metal Church is not only a veteran force but also a band that remains relevant in the ever-changing landscape of
heavy metal.

The chemistry among band members was palpable, with each musician feeding off the others’ energy. Unger’s bass provided a solid backbone to the onslaught of guitars, and Howland’s drumming was a relentless assault on the senses. Vanderhoof and Van Zandt, with their intricate guitar solos and riffing, demonstrated why they are revered in the metal community.

As the night reached its climax, Metal Church unleashed the beast within with their timeless anthem, “Metal Church.” The entire venue was ablaze with the fervor of fans singing along, creating a moment of unity that transcended the boundaries between band and audience. In the end, Metal Church’s performance at Crafthouse was nothing short of a thrashing triumph. They proved that after decades in the metal scene, they can still deliver a live experience that leaves fans exhilarated and hungry for more. Pittsburgh was treated to a night of metal magic, courtesy of a band that shows no signs of slowing down. The legacy of Metal Church lives on, and their performance at Crafthouse solidified their place as true masters of metal.

2023-Nov-12-Metal Church-Crafthouse Stage-Pittsburgh-David Desin
2023-Nov-12-Metal Church-Crafthouse Stage-Pittsburgh-David Desin

Photos by The Pit Magazine photographer David Desin Photography, in Eerie, Pennsylvania. ©2023.

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