Foreigner – St. Louis MO-7.19.23

July 19, 2023-Foreigner-Hollywood Casino Amphitheater-STLMO-Sevuana

Foreigner at the Hollywood Casino Amphitheater in St.Louis, Missouri, on July 19th, 2023

Photos and Review by The Pit Magazine Contributor Sevauna Photography

I was one of the lucky ones to attend and photograph the legendary Foreigner for their final tour, “The Historic Farewell Tour”. Foreigner is a band we’ve all known and loved since the 70’s. Selling millions of records worldwide, dominating the top 40 hits with multi-platinum albums, fans of all ages united to see an unforgettable show.

AfterLoverboy opened the show, the audience was anxiously awaiting the band to take the stage. Just as the sun was setting outside of the amphitheater, the lights dimmed and the audience rose in applause. The first chords of “Double Vision” sent electricity through the 18,000 attending fans. It was obvious their iconic sound lost none of its potency through the decades. Current Lead singer Kelly Hansen stormed the stage and the crowd went wild. His vocals sent everyone back in time with the same emotion and sensation the songs revealed years ago. Everyone sang word for word through the entire set. The nostalgia was on full blast as they followed with huge hits “Cold as Ice” and “Head Games”. It was refreshing not to see hundreds of phones in the air as there usually are with younger crowds. Here were people entirely in the moment.

July 19, 2023-Foreigner-Hollywood Casino Amphitheater-STLMO-Sevuana
July 19, 2023-Foreigner-Hollywood Casino Amphitheater-STLMO-Sevuana

Midway through the set, the band calmed the show with four acoustic guitars for “Girl on the Moon” and “Say You Will”. It was beautifully done, breaking down to the basics of true music. Hansen shared a lovely speech that made known the appreciation the band had for the audience following along since their first single 46 years ago, “Feels Like the First Time”. He then went on to perform it to an audience full of sentiment.

The band of course had to show some love for each member getting their own solos to end off multiple songs. Guitarists Bruce Watson and Jeff Pilson gave breathtaking solos that introduced the next songs. Michael Bluestine on the keyboard revealed his pianistic talent with a solo of his own. They of course gave Drummer Chris Frazier his time to shine, and he went above and beyond! In his five-minute solo, he proved a jack of trades with multiple drumming styles and extreme talent. A light show accompanied him and the crowd went wild. It was by far the best drumming I have experienced at a live show.

The set came to its supposed end, but the audience wouldn’t budge. Their roaring became deafening until the band ran onto the stage for an unforgettable encore. The first synths of “I Want to Know What Love Is” had every fan back on their feet, filling the amphitheater with cheering and lights. The passion flowing through was infectious. The crowd swayed in unison and sang along so loud, a verse was given to us to sing. To close out the set, the classic “Hot Blooded” was performed. Here proved that their music transcends time and their performances show the true power of Rock and Roll. Euphoria surrounded the amphitheater as everyone shuffled out smiling ear to ear. The timeless mark Foreigner has made reminds the audience that ‘it feels like the first time’ attending a Foreigner show. A rock display that stands the test of time, and will for decades to come.

July 19, 2023-Foreigner-Hollywood Casino Amphitheater-STLMO-Sevuana
July 19, 2023-Foreigner-Hollywood Casino Amphitheater-STLMO-Sevuana

Photos by The Pit Magazine photographer Sevauna Photography in St. Louis, MO. ©2023.

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