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Dragonforce at The Agora Theatre in Cleveland, Ohio on November 8th, 2023.

Photos and Review by The Pit Magazine Contributor David Desin Photography.

London’s power metal sensation, DragonForce, set Cleveland ablaze on the North American leg of their tour, bringing a night of electrifying performances and shredding guitar solos to The Agora in. As the venue buzzed with anticipation, fans were excited to see this power metal band. The night kicked off with an energetic opening act, but it was clear that the crowd was eagerly awaiting the headliner. As the lights dimmed, DragonForce took the stage to a thunderous roar from the audience. The band wasted no time in launching into a sonic assault with “Revolution Deathsquad,” setting the tone for a night of blistering guitar work and relentless energy.

2023-Nov-8-Dragonforce-Agora Theatre-Cleveland-David Desin Photography-thepitmagazine.com-3888CE
2023-Nov-8-Dragonforce-Agora Theatre-Cleveland-David Desin Photography-thepitmagazine.com-3888CE

Guitarists Herman Li and Sam Totman proved to be the driving force behind DragonForce’s live spectacle. Their dual guitar harmonies and lightning-fast solos left the crowd in awe, with fingers flying across frets in a display of technical prowess that’s become the band’s signature. Li’s and Totman’s chemistry on stage was palpable, and the synchronization of their guitar wizardry was nothing short of mesmerizing.

The setlist was a well-crafted journey through DragonForce’s discography, featuring fan favorites like “Through the Fire and Flames” and “Fury of the Storm.” Each song was a showcase of the band’s ability to seamlessly blend speed, melody, and power into a symphony of sound that captivated the audience. A standout moment of the night was undoubtedly the performance of “Through the Fire and Flames,” the band’s hit song that gained widespread recognition after being featured in the video game Guitar Hero.

The crowd erupted in cheers as the familiar opening notes rang out, and it was evident that many in attendance had a special connection to the song through countless hours spent mastering its challenging guitar riffs in the virtual world.

DragonForce’s live rendition of “Through the Fire and Flames” was nothing short of epic, with Li and Totman flawlessly recreating the iconic guitar solos that made the song a legend in the gaming community. The energy in the room was electric, and the band fed off the crowd’s enthusiasm, delivering a performance that will be etched in the memories of Pittsburgh’s metal enthusiasts.

In addition to the instrumental prowess, lead vocalist Marc Hudson showcased his versatile vocal range, delivering powerful and melodic vocals that complemented the intensity of the music. The entire band’s stage presence was infectious, and the camaraderie between the members added a layer of authenticity to the performance.

2023-Nov-8-Dragonforce-Agora Theatre-Cleveland-David Desin Photography-thepitmagazine.com-3834CE
2023-Nov-8-Dragonforce-Agora Theatre-Cleveland-David Desin Photography-thepitmagazine.com-3834CE

As DragonForce bid farewell to Pittsburgh, the echoes of their sonic onslaught lingered in the air. The night at The Agora was a testament to the band’s ability to deliver a high-octane, unforgettable live experience. For the fans who witnessed DragonForce’s musical prowess firsthand, it was a night of headbanging, air guitar shredding, and a collective celebration of the power of metal.

2023-Nov-8-Dragonforce-Agora Theatre-Cleveland-David Desin Photography-thepitmagazine.com-3818CC1E
2023-Nov-8-Dragonforce-Agora Theatre-Cleveland-David Desin Photography-thepitmagazine.com-3818CC1E

Photos by The Pit Magazine photographer David Desin Photography, in Eerie, Pennsylvania. ©2023.

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