Narrator Review 3 – Dan Ryan – The Dan Ryan

Narrator Review 3 – Dan Ryan – The Dan Ryan

The Pit’s Narrator Review 3 brings The Dan Ryan to his knees with the Narrator

Howdy y’all, its your ole pal the Narrator back again, with the The Narrator Review 3 of The Dan Ryan for ya hot off the press.
This one is brought to you by psychedelic folk/country outfit “The Dan Ryan” with their new album entitled “The Dan Ryan.” Now, before I get to far into this, as most of you that have read me before know, I prefer the heavier/darker side of the music world, but, that’s not to say that I am not one of the most eclectic people I know, because quite frankly, I am. I love all facets of music, from Beethoven, to Snoop Doggy Dogg, to Sinatra to George Jones. I can cover the whole spectrum of musical enjoyment, so I do believe that I have earned the right to critique all genres.
I must say, the Narrator Review 3 of The Dan Ryan is about as unimpressive and boring as one can spend 40 minutes with its droning, meaningless melodies, backed by poor production, leading into beatles/dylan-esque “country” music that truly has no real meaning. The first tracks last two minutes pretty much sums this one up “never ending” although you wish it would. Country/folk music is amazing for many different and distinct reasons, whether it be political motivation, or songs of loneliness and heartbreak, or just some damn good banjo pickin or guitar strumming. The Dan Ryan album has none of that, just static backgrounds flooded with the same acoustic chords one song after another.
The other problem I have is most of these songs clock in around four- four and a half minutes, with one track topping the seven minute mark. Music like this has always been the most effective and special to the folks that listen to it when ya get right to the point. These “songs” have no point, as far as I can tell, there are no stories, and I truly don’t feel any kind of emotionality coming from the song writer. I do not see this album appealing to really anyone other than its creator, but if you don’t trust me, tread carefully as I cannot guarantee you your time back for this “adventure into the acidic world of folk music.”
As I am writing this I am thinking of ways to not be so harsh but this album deserves all I have to offer, trust me. its not deep, meaningful, or exciting. there are very little percussion instruments, no steel guitars, and the third track is an instrumental filled with atmospheric wails of “ahhhhh” backed by the same chords we heard in the previous two tracks.
Do yourselves a favor and pass on the Dan Ryan, I cant even justify this album by giving a rating.

This is the Narrator Review 3 signing off and as always Horns Up Headbangers!!! \m/

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