2024-March-16-Vended-Pinnacle Bank Arena-Lincoln-Bob DeHart

Vended at Pinnacle Bank Arena in Lincoln, Nebraska on March 16th, 2024.

Photos by The Pit Magazine photographer, Bob DeHart Photography

It was just a few months ago I covered Vended playing at a smaller venue in Lincoln. That night they were the headliner with several local acts opening up for them. On this night, they were the opening act, in a much bigger arena and thousands of more people out front watching them. The larger arena and crowd did not seem to intimidate the guys from Vended at all…they didn’t take the stage, they attacked it. All in from the first chord. They seemed very much at home in the spotlight of the bigger stage.

Vended hails from Des Moines, Iowa. Which is just down the road on I-80 from Lincoln. Vended is fronted by Griffin Taylor, son of Slipknot’s frontman Corey Taylor. And co-founder of the group, Simon Crahan, who happens to bet the son of Slipknot’s Shawn Crahan. Quite the rock pedigree if I do say so myself. I don’t see Vended resting on the laurels of their famous fathers. They are out there on their own showing the world exactly who they are.

When their show started it was all confidence and swagger, mixed in with a little bit of mayhem. The Lincoln crowd had a great response to them. Very loud and enthusiastic cheers throughout the short set. Mosh pits and all as Vended stormed through their set.

The band is rounded out by Cole Epseland on lead guitar, Jeremiah Pugh on Bass, and Connor Grodzicki on rhythm guitar. Vended has a EP that was released in 2021 and a few singles released since. The latest, “The Far Side”, which was just released last week. You can check out the new song by checking out The Pit Magazine Pitcast Episode 17 right HERE, in The Pit Magazine!

If you like loud, aggressive, in your face music-then Vended just might be for you. I recommend you give them a listen. I’m glad I did.

2024-March-16-Vended-Pinnacle Bank Arena-Lincoln-Bob DeHart
2024-March-16-Vended-Pinnacle Bank Arena-Lincoln-Bob DeHart

Photos by The Pit Magazine photographer, Bob DeHart Photography in York, Nebraska. ©2024.

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