Them Dirty Roses-Lincoln NE-6.6.24

2024-June-6-Them Dirty Roses-Bourbon Theatre-Lincoln-Bob DeHart

Them Dirty Roses at Bourbon Theatre in Lincoln, Nebraska on June 6th, 2024.

Photos and Review by The Pit Magazine Contributor, Bob DeHart Photography

If you are not familiar with Them Dirty Roses, one thing you need to know is that they are very serious about one thing, having a good time. They are a great band with a lot of great songs, but when the show starts and they are on stage, it becomes about having fun. And they want to make sure that if you’re in the audience that you are having a good time too. This was my first time catching them live. I had quite a few people tell me that they are a great live act before I got there, and they were right. Them Dirty Roses know how to put on a show for sure.

They are a high energy group that makes the most of the time they are given on stage. They are your no frills, meat and potatoes, southern rock band that delivers each night. Two guitars, bass, and drums- and some great songs you can sing along to. That’s all the ingredients you need for a great show…in my opinion anyway. Them Dirty Roses fits the bill perfectly. They also have this retro look that makes it seem they are coming at you straight from 1975, long hair and sideburns to boot.

The band is from Alabama, which the southern roots are easy to hear for sure. On lead vocals and also playing guitar is James Ford. Joining him on drums is his brother Frank Ford. On lead guitar is Andrew Davis and on bass is Ben Crain. Their latest full album release came out last year, “Lost in the Valley of Hate and Love”. Although they have released a new single recently called “Birmingham Steel”, which they played on this night, which got a great reception from the crowd.

A couple of highlights for me was the song “Molly” (which is my favorite Them Dirty Roses song) and “Cocaine and Whiskey” both of which are great crowd pleasers. A song that also came off well is “Sunday Drunk”. I have a new appreciation of that song after hearing it live. Check these guys out if you can. If you love your rock and roll with a southern flavor, these guys might be for you. Just a great band with great songs, and sometimes that’s all you need.

2024-June-6-Them Dirty Roses-Bourbon Theatre-Lincoln-Bob DeHart
2024-June-6-Them Dirty Roses-Bourbon Theatre-Lincoln-Bob DeHart

Photos by The Pit Magazine photographer, Bob DeHart Photography in York, Nebraska. ©2024.

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