The Pit Magazine Pitcast Episode 19-4/8/24

The Pit Magazine Pitcast Episode 19 Features The Lonely Ones, Scarefield, Greenleaf, Princess Goes, Attacker, Levi Hummon, The Haunt, and Kittie!

ThePit Magazine Pitcast Episode 19
The Pit Magazine Pitcast
The Pit Magazine Pitcast Episode 19-4/8/24

The Lonely Ones – My God

The Lonely Ones
The Lonely Ones

First in The Pit Magazine Pitcast Episode 19 is The Lonely Ones with their new single, “My God” and announce tour dates as well!

You can purchase tickets for any of their shows HERE! Check out The Lonely Ones single “My God” HERE!

Scarefield – Child of the Corn

Scarefield-A Quiet Country
Scarefield-A Quiet Country

Please welcome to The Pit Magazine Pitcast Episode 19, SCAREFIELD, an electrifying, horror-infused force in the world of thrash metal, SIMONE MANULI and MARKUS KRISTOFFERSSON, invite you to enter the scarefields with their debut album, A QUIET COUNTRY, which contains 11 songs of pure melodic, speedy, thrash madness that is sure to leave listeners awestruck which includes their first release, “Child of the Corn“.

Purchase or Stream “A Quiet Country” HERE! You can stream “Child of the Corn” HERE!

Greenleaf – Breath, Breath Out


Next in The Pit Magazine Pitcast Episode 19 is Swedish heavy rockers GREENLEAF release the tongue-in-cheek video clip and super catchy tune ‘Breathe, Breathe Out’ as the first driving single taken from forthcoming full-length “The Head & The Habit”, which is slated for release on June 21.

You can pre-purchase “The Head and The Habit” HERE! You can stream “Breath, Breath Out HERE!

Princess Goes – Take Me Home

Princess Goes - Credit Joe Gall
Princess Goes – Credit Joe Gall

Last fall, Princess Goes — the buzzy band led by the charisma tic showmanship and signature voice of vocalist, lyricist, musician and actor Michael C. Hall (Dexter, Six Feet Under, Lazarus) alongside keyboardist Matt Katz-Bohen (Blondie, Cyndie Lauper) and drummer Peter Yanowitz (The Wallflowers, Morningwood) — shared their brand new LP, Come Of Age, with a brand new track, “Take Me Home.”

You can PURCHASE or STREAM the “Come of Age” LP! You can stream the single “Take Me Home” HERE! in The Pit Magazine Pitcast Episode 19.

Attacker – World in Flames


Next up in The Pit Magazine Pitcast Episode 19 is U.S. Heavy Metal legends Attacker who have released “World In Flames,” the second single from forthcoming album, The God Particle to be released on April 12th.

You can pre-order “God Particle HERE! Check out the visualizer for “World in Flames” in!

Levi Hummon – Another Shot

Levi Hummons- Credit The Dwyers
Levi Hummons- Credit The Dwyers

Next up in The Pit Magazine Pitcast Episode 19 is Levi Hummon with “Another Shot” which he wrote with Jimmy Robbins and Eric Arjes.

You can stream “Another Shot” by Levi Hummon HERE!!

The Haunt – Morally Incompetent

The Haunt-Credit ikigai foto
The Haunt-Credit ikigai foto

Next up in the Pit Magazine Pitcast Episode 19 from Florida is The Haunt with “Morally Incompetent”. On April 5th they dropped  their edgy, heavy hitting new EP Do Not Resuscitate.

You can stream “Do Not Resuscitate HERE! You can also stream The Haunt-Morally Incompetent HERE! You can check out The Haunt video in The Pit Magazine Pitcast Episode 19!

Kittie – We Are Shadows

Kittie-Credit Dante Dellamore
Kittie-Credit Dante Dellamore

Finally in The Pit Magazine Pitcast Episode 19 is Glass-ceiling-shattering original Queens of Metal, Kittie are thrilled to announce the release of “We Are Shadows“, released on April 3rd, a powerful follow-up to their explosive comeback single “Eyes Wide Open” released in February via new label home, Sumerian Records.

Stream “We Are Shadows” HERE! Check out Kittie “We Are Shadows” video in The Pit!

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