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2023-Nov-30-Eva Under Fire-Steelhouse-Omaha-Bob DeHart Photography-thepitmagazine.com-8C5A0964

Eva Under Fire at Steelhouse in Omaha, Nebraska on November 30th, 2023.

Photos and Review by The Pit Magazine Contributor, Bob DeHart Photography

I first heard of Eva Under Fire back in 2021, when they were the opening act for Theory of a Deadman. I didn’t know anything about them at the time but became a big fan that night. A lot of energy, great songs, and an amazing lead singer. All the ingredients you need for a great rock and roll show. Based out of Detroit, Michigan, Eva Under Fire has only two full albums released at this point. The latest (Love, Drugs, and Misery) released in 2022 is a great album.

The band has been touring pretty strong in support of this album for a while now. They have also released a couple of cover singles this year. War Pigs by Black Sabbath and Separate Ways by Journey. Both are available on the deluxe version of Love, Drugs, and Misery. Lead vocalist Eva Marie Lyberg does an outstanding job on both songs. Separate Ways has been a live staple for the band for a while now. A definite crowd favorite that gets the crowd singing along every time.

This time around Eva Under Fire was just as dynamic, as the opening band for the legendary rock group Bush. The crowd was mostly new to the band but had a great response to them. I talked to several in the crowd as I was waiting to take photos of the next act, just to get a feel for what they thought. The general response was very positive. I think Eva Under Fire is gaining a pretty good following in Nebraska.

These days, the best way for a band to get people to know them is to tour. Possibly the most expensive way too. For bands like Eva Under Fire that are just getting going, I’m sure it’s a double edged sword. You get to be out doing what you love each night and making some new fans. The costs are tough though. I’m glad I see fans buying merch to help support these bands, Eva Under Fire is a great band, you should check them out. But their merch, stream or buy physical copies of their albums, and show them lots of love online. They are a band that is worth giving your time and attention to.

2023-Nov-30-Eva Under Fire-Steelhouse-Omaha-Bob DeHart Photography-thepitmagazine.com-8C5A0645
2023-Nov-30-Eva Under Fire-Steelhouse-Omaha-Bob DeHart Photography-thepitmagazine.com-8C5A0645

Photos by The Pit Magazine photographer, Bob DeHart Photography in York, Nebraska. ©2023.

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