Silvertung – But At What Cost??! – Record Review

Silvertung – But At What Cost??! – Record Review

Silvertung released their new record “But At What Cost??!” February 2019.

It’s late, what you going to do about it? The Pitmaster.

Silvertung, from Baltimore, released their 5th record “But At What Cost??!” in 2019 via Thermal Entertainment. The band has three songs, Never Too Late, Face the Music and You & Me, which hit Billboard’s Top 40 Mainstream Rock Songs. Done My Best, is the first track from this record has broken into the Top 40 as of this review. While on tour they have opened for Godsmack, Papa Roach, Slipknot, and Disturbed.

Silvertung are:

Speed – Lead Vocals/Guitar

Cody – Lead Guitar

Danno – Drums

Sam Sour – Bass

Seven songs in 23 minutes. That is four songs more than it took me to become a fan of Silvertung. They entered my brain with a slow, steady build-up towards an intense guitar opening with Dodging Bullets which decisively sets the tone for the rest of the record. Speed has a gritty voice designed for hard rock and roll. Cody’s solo riffs have been gladly stuck to my brain.

If you have never had a record that made you say, “That is some f**king good s**t!” with every track, this would be a good starter record. Vocally penetrating, riffs that shake your brain, and rhythm supported by Danno and Sam Sour keep this runaway train on the tracks.

The Pit Magazine, Silvertung, But At What Cost, Record Review
Silvertung – But At What Cost??!

But at What Cost??! Tracklist:

Dodging Bullets

Feel Inhuman

World Gone Mad

Wise Up

Black Sunset

You’re Fine

Done My Best

Is it radio friendly? Well, yea, isn’t that the point of making music? To share it with as many people as possible?  However, Silvertung is still hard as hell. But At What Cost??!  is worth the coinage to go buy it on the Silvertung Website, Amazon Music, iTunes, and Google Play, and then play it until the “needle breaks”!

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