Pitcast 7: Clinton Cunanan AND Adam Hall of Another Lost Year-3.10.17

The Pit Magazine, Pitcast 7, Another Lost Year, Alien Architect

Pitcast 7 braves a cold Omaha, Nebraska night to catch up with old friends, Clinton Cunanan and Adam Hall of Another Lost Year!

Pitcast 7 is the second of two “interviews” on March 10th in Omaha, Nebraska. The first was Pitcast 6 with Never Say Die. This time it was with Clinton Cunanan and Adam Hall of Another Lost Year. Back in the day, I owned a different company and my first interview ever, about 5 or 6 years ago, was with Clinton. I always make an effort to go see the guys when they roll into Omaha and March 10th was no different.

The Pit Magazine, Another Lost Year
Another Lost Year US Rock

We had a lot to talk about as it had been a while since we did anything “official.” But it was great being all bundled up with the guys in the ALY Wagon to catch up.

Pay attention carefully and see how many names we can drop in the next 15 minutes!

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