GEARS is Here with Their Latest – “Bored”😏

Hard Rock Band Gears Have Released Their Cover of the Deftones single “Bored”

From the opening riff, Gears drive of the guitar signifies a harder/active rock edge; as the vocals of Trip Sixx take hold the crux of the melody immediately fixes itself into a richer deeper tone of urgency. From there, drummer Jimmy Wooten and bassist Josh Routt round out this edgier rising surge – as “Bored” can be experienced in driving waves. Gears have taken an alternative metal sound from ‘95 and brought it to reflect an unconventional hard/active rock that resonates to the year 2020. “Bored” is Gears’ perfect song chosen to round out their music releases for this year. A track to seal those Deftones influences but brand it solidly to Gears.

“Bored has been a song that we have been playing live since LITERALLY our first show on our first tour as a band in 2014. We just always loved that song and more importantly, we love how the crowd reacts to that song. In the instance of this cover, it’s just always been a really cool point in the set to be able to sort of connect with the audience. Whenever we do that song, we are doing it because Deftones are such an influence to us. We’re huge fans of theirs and our audience seems to be as well. It’s a cool way to sort of connect with the crowd as fans during the live show, so we thought maybe we should record the song. So we did! Hopefully, people dig it.” – Jimmy Wooten

GEARS is a heavy and hard-hitting rock band from Miami, FL. Founded in 2014, the band has had their share of adversity and always seems to overcome, building on the foundation of the challenges before. Drawing influences from Prince and David Bowie to Deftones and everything in between, they strive to achieve a balance between solid songwriting and musicianship to an overwhelmingly energetic stage show.

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