Record Review – Unbroken – A Killer’s Confession

A review of “Unbroken” by A Killer’s Confession by The Pit Master

My friend Doug hit me up the other day to listen to “Unbroken” by A Killer’s Confession. I am always down to dig on some new music. So, he sends me an advanced digital copy of the record that was released in late April. Off to my office to crank out the jams.

I gave it a quick listen and liked what I heard. A nice mix of hard AF, screaming heavy metal and some others that were melodious that still had the metal edge. Really strong vocals, I mean solid, like I have heard the voice before. Killer guitar riffs, and insane rhythm section. The first run of “Unbroken” was an easy to listen for me. When the last track ended I wished there were a couple of more tracks, but, this bad boy was already packed with 13 songs.

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A Killer’s Confession 2

Now to dig a little deeper into “Unbroken.” Out of the gate it starts with “Awakening” which seems somewhat appropriate for the lead vocalist of A Killer’s Confession and his new adventure after leaving his old band, Mushroomhead. Yea, Waylon Reavis is the lead man for this powerhouse. I was just as surprised as you are now. This track is a great track to start out of the gate.

Then as “Unbroken” moves into “Rebirth” which sounds like the demons are being shaken off to make room for a new beginning. A Killer’s Confession employs Brian Head Welch (KORN) for the title song, “A Killer’s Confession.” You can definitely hear the influence of both Mushroomhead and Korn on this song.

The Pit Magazine, The Pit Master, A Killer's Confession, Unbroken, New Ocean Media
A Killer’s Confession 1

A Killer’s Confession has several collaborative efforts on the rest of “Unbroken” to include, Life of The Lost, HEX, Amerikan Overdose, and Kimberly Freeman (One Eyed Doll). In its entirety “Unbroken” is a journey of moving forward in life, shaking the past and letting people know they can just kiss your ass.

A Killer’s Confession is:

Waylon Reavis – Vocals

Jon Dale – Drums

JP Cross – Bass

Matt Trumpy – Guitar

Paul Elliott – Guitar

I give this a 9/10…a definite keeper if you like it hard as hell.

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