Prong – Omaha Ne – 5.15.18

Prong – Omaha Ne – 5.15.18

Prong in Omaha, Nebraska on May 15, 2018

Photos courtesy of Winsel Photography in Omaha, Nebraska. ©2018. Review by Twitch!

PRONG was an intimate, sweaty and highly interactive show at The Waiting Room in Omaha! For those that attended, it was a sure-fire treat!! Not too many chances in life to see and interact with a band like Prong in this type of environment! Also, with no local openers, Prong opened the flood gates of their vast musical repertoire. Quite simply, one of the best shows I’ve seen at this venue…EVER!

First of all, when’s the pit’s intense and there’s actually someone crowd surfing; I know I’m home and that the band’s doing it right! And Prong has been doing it right for decades! Even down to meeting and actually chewing the fat with their fans..something I always appreciate! Unaffected is so cool!!

Bass player Mike Longworth and drummer Art Cruz are a powerhouse of a rhythm section and Tommy Victor is the man. Their live performance was tight and incredible! One thing I’ve always loved is that Tommy’s hooky vocals are married to his crunchy guitar playing!

Prong! has been around since 1986 and earned their success, the hard way! Through their demise, T.V. playing for Danzig and their reformation Tommy has driven Prong! Prong has influenced so many bands, including yours truly and Tommy is one of THE nicest cats in the Biz! Prong is not slowing down and is releasing more albums at a faster rate than, ever!

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