Lord of Acid – Pretting in Kink – Record Review

Lord of Acid – Pretting in Kink – Record Review

Lords of Acid-Pretty in Kink Record Review by Vince Andreasen

Lords of Acid will celebrate their 30-year anniversary with the release of Pretty of Kink, their highly anticipated fifth studio album.  Their perfect blend of highly sexualized electro-industrial-goth music continues to place them in a category of their own.   Lead singer Praga Khan is one of the originators of electronic dance music and has refreshed Lords of Acid with new members to make this record following a successful fan-fueled Kickstarter campaign.

If you thought a lifetime of deviant behavior would eventually calm or tame Praga Khan, think again.  Pretty in Kink is a pulsating soundtrack of pure decadence.  Opening song Break Me introduces you to singer Marieke Bresseleers whose sultry voice takes you on a near non-stop journey of raw lust and sinful desires.  The first two tracks are slower in tempo and serve as foreplay for subsequent dance tracks like Sex Cam Girl, Androgyny, Flow Juice, and My Demons are Inside.

Pretty in Kink breaks away from repetitive rhythms and sequences like most modern EDM releases.  Lords of Acid provide some of the most complex and innovative tracks in the genre.  Like Pablo Escobar is an industrial rocker led with a distorted bass line.  Before the Night is Over has a late 80’s vibe reminiscent of LOA’s earlier releases.  Goldfinger starts with female crooner-like vocals, straight from the 60’s era bond films, before transitioning into a more syncopated frenzy.  Elements of rap appear in What the Fuck! and lead-off single So Goddamn Good, with  So Goddamn Good providing the most captivating chorus on the record.  Pretty in Kink ends with We Are the Freaks that sounds as twisted as the name implies, with only the chorus sung in English.

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Lord of Acid – Pretty In KinkPretty in Kink was released on May 18 and I’m sure many tracks will become underground nightclub staples for 18-and-over crowds.  LOA has a very devoted fan base always thirsty for more and this record more than satisfies, providing a little something for everyone.

“Now, despite numerous lineup changes, world tours, over 2.5 million album sales, and every possible point of crisis and conflict a band can face, Lords of Acid is returning to the unsuspecting again, this time with a new crew of deviants, dilettantes, and sonically transmitted diseases.” – This quote sums it up perfectly.  Pretty in Kink will be a must listen for techno fans, and a must own for LOA fans.

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