Lacuna Coil – Nashville – 6.7.16

Lacuna Coil – Nashville – 6.7.16

Lacuna Coil performed on June 7, 2016 in Nashville, TN at Exit/In.

Lacuna Coil was supported by Painted Wives and Stitched Up Heart

Painted Wives

Painted Wives, from Southern CA, delivered everything that a band, in my opinion, should; catchy riffs, clean vocals with good harmony (seldom heard in heavier music anymore), tight stops and starts, nice tempo changes. Each of the band members contributed to the performance in a stand-out way without ever overshadowing the others. Heavy bass lines, cool guitar solos, great drumming and nice vocals. I’m looking forward to seeing how this band progresses and see the potential for a very big future for them. Their new CD delivers all of the same, but as in most cases, nothing compares to the raw music of a live show. Still, this CD will be in my heavy rotation collection.

Stitched Up Heart

Alecia Dremner is a beautiful woman and she works the stage as well as most men could hope for. When it comes to vocals however, there were some major issues. Perhaps she was having a very off night, but I could not ignore that the pitch was off for the entire set. The moves of the band seemed too choreographed to give them real credibility. When Alecia screams, it is a different ballgame altogether – she can do that well! Overall, this performance won’t make me a fan at all.

Lacuna Coil

I’ll admit that going into this show, I wasn’t a big fan but I have to say that Lacuna Coil has made me a believer! Andrea Ferro and Christina Scabbia are such a great duo of vocalists. Power, precision and spot on pitch through an immense set. A well-executed combination of heavy riffs, great break downs, discernable bass lines and cool guitar solos really hit the spot. I loved the Depeche Mode cover as well – it was a great arrangement of a song I know and love. The stage performance we engaging without ever relying on gimmicks; just a great performance

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Review by Christy Carrig in Nashville, TN. ©2016

Photos by Sidney Tyler Lofton in Nashville, TN. ©2016

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