Jenny Gill will release her debut EP, “The House Sessions”February 17

The Jenny Gill autobiographical collection of songs, The House Sessions” in which five of the six Gill wrote or co-wrote blends blues, Americana and country to create a sound and style as unique as she is and features Sheryl Crow, Willie Weeks, Jack Pearson, and Jon Randall.
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Jenny Gill “House Sessions” Album

Record Review:

The opportunity to review the upcoming EP by Jenny Gill was given to yours truly. But, why does the name sound familiar? A little research tells me she has famous parents. This is her review and not a history lesson in country and Christian music. Into the secret vault of new music I go to give “The House Sessions” a solid listen.

The first track, “Lonely Lost Me” is a cool little song that establishes Jenny’s dynamic vocal ability, strong and subtle at the same time. The record moves into the heart-felt song, “Look Where Loving You has Landed Me” that made me warm and fuzzy. The most country song on this record comes from the third track, “Whiskey Words.” The song highlights her country vocal roots. They are sweet, solid and have some great moves into her falsetto voice. Probably one of my favorites from this record. “Lean on Love” is set at the number four track and this song is a bit more up tempo with some great backing harmonized vocals. My next journey was to track five, “Your Shadow.” This is her breakout song telling the world that she is her own person and artist and not just the daughter of famous parents. The record wraps up with a cover of The Boxtops song “The Letter.” I have said this a number of times, I get a little sketchy when some of the greats are covered. Not this version, she put her style to this song and made it soulful and fun.

Jenny Gill‘s “The House Sessions” has made into The Pit office rotation and will probably sit there for some time. I give it a solid 9/10, and will tell friends to give this a listen as well. Enjoy it!!

The Pit Magazine, Jenny Gill, The House Sessions, Morris Public Relations
Jenny Gill
“Every song on this project takes me to somewhere in my past,” she says.  “My favorite songs to write are those that reflect personal experiences instead of just telling a story.” Rolling Stone Country recognized Jenny as one of the “10 New Country Artists You Need To Know” commenting that Gill “sounds like a magical mixture of good genes, hard work and the discovery of one’s own voice.”  Gill also released a music video of the track “Lonely Lost Me,”  a clip that features her adorable 2 1/2 –year-old son Wyatt.
Gill, of course, springs from country music royalty.  Her father is Country Music Hall of Famer Vince Gill, and her mother is Sweethearts of the Rodeo’s Janis Oliver. Her step-mother is Christian and pop superstar Amy Grant, with whom she has toured as a backup singer for the last six years.
“Jenny and I were camping at Bonnaroo the first time she played me a work tape of ‘Your Shadow,’ stated Grant.  “The song stopped me in my tracks. That she had waited months to play it for anyone was a mystery to me. In that moment I knew she was a creative force to be reckoned with. Her lyrics are thought provoking, her melodies effortless and haunting. I am a true fan.”
Jenny Gill, backing vocalist for her step-mother, Amy Grant DSC_0333

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