Jawbreaker by Knee High Fox – Record Review

Jawbreaker by Knee High Fox – Record Review

JAWBREAKER by KNEE HIGH FOX a record review by Vince Andreasen

Jawbreaker is the second full-length release from Los Angeles quartet Knee High Fox.   The band classifies themselves as Insanity Alt-rock and have been touring heavily since 2014 with theatrical heavyweights like Marilyn Manson, Powerman 5000, Orgy, etc.

Jawbreaker consists of 8 tracks that could easily be soundtrack material for the 90’s cult films that served as lyrical inspiration for lead singer Krsy Fox.   It is a musical roller coaster with hard-hitting industrial rhythms; gritty guitars; electronic bass drops; bratty vocals and full of chaos while maintaining strong pop centric choruses.  Their music manages to be both captivating and abrasive at the same time.  I don’t know if Shock-Pop is a genre, but it may be now.

Songs like ‘Witch’, the frenetic punk style opener, and ‘Jawbreaker’ contain elements of demented horror that you would expect from a band sharing the stage with Marilyn Manson.  But, there are lighter, more seductive, elements within songs like ‘American Beauty’ that are truly captivating.  This sultriness has a modern pop feel that allows Knee High Fox to stand apart from their touring peer group.   Krsy does an excellent job channeling conflicting emotions throughout the record.  Whether it is the pain of a toxic relationship in ‘Relapse’, or the unapologetic rebelliousness of ‘Ladylike’, you can feel the varying mood swings both vocally and musically.

Jawbreaker closes with a brooding cover of the The Cardigan’s ‘Lovefool’.  It provides a lamenting, funeral procession, type of quality that is the perfect ending to a record filled with waves of conflicting emotion and energy.

Despite the darkness of the record, Krsy’s vocal style often fits alongside many of today’s pop and rock princesses, with moments reminiscent of Britney Spears, Gwen Stefani, and Lacey Sturm.   But, don’t mistake these comparisons as Knee High Fox going soft.  This record hits hard and the untamed, adult-themed, subject matter may keep many pop and alternative radio stations running for cover.

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Knee High Fox – Jawbreaker

Knee High Fox successfully funneled their intensity and theatricality into this recording.  Production quality is excellent, the songs are well crafted, and musicianship fits seamlessly with Krsy’s ever changing personalities.  This is a band I will be keeping my eyes on and hope to catch live in the very near future.


Krsy Fox – Vocals

Simon Nagel – Bass

Sam Bam Koltun – Guitars

Harley DeWinter – Drums


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