In This Moment – Milwaukee WI – 8.20.16

In This Moment – Milwaukee WI – 8.20.16

In This Moment at The Rave in Milwaukee, Wisconsin on August 20, 2016.

In This Moment started the show with lights flashing to “Sick Like Me” the blood girls came out first, the music stopped, the crowd roared, and Maria Brink emerged from her red tent.  The crowd went crazy, and the music started up again.  They continued to play “Black Widow,” and “Adrenalize,” with costume changes, props, fans, fog, and choreographed dances.  During “Sex Metal Barbie” Maria stopped the performance mid way, and called for security to help a female fan that fainted, and appeared to have had a seizure.  After that, Maria had a little chat with everyone, because there were children, and it was so hot, that security was routinely spraying the crowd down with bottles of water.  She insisted that anyone that wants to be rowdy to be on one side of the room, and to watch out for the pretty ladies, and the kids, so we could all have a good time.  


In This Moment continued the set with “Burn,” and “The Fighter” when she performed “The Fighter” it is just focused on her wearing white, and a chair.  Her powerful voice is hauntingly beautiful, with fans singing along.  After the song, she introduces each of the band members.  When she stepped back in to the red tent to change for the next song, the rest of the band showed off their skills, with playing “Fallen Heroes” medley.

The Pit Magazine, Tiffany Melson Photography, In This Moment, The Rave, Milwaukee, Wisconsin
In This Moment at The Rave in Milwaukee, Wisconsin. Photos courtesy of Tiffany Melson Photography.

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They continued the set with “Big Bad Wolf,” the blood girls were wearing wolf masks, and crawling around the stage, and then Maria emerged from the red tent, and climbed in to her cage.  “Whore” was the following song, with Maria wearing her famous whore dunce cap.  She had the crowd sing the song, when she started singing, balloons came down from the ceiling with everyone passing them around.  When they stepped off stage, everyone was chanting Blood.  The blood girls came out of the red tent chained, followed by Maria holding onto the chains, and performed an encore with “Blood.”  After the performance everyone from the band, and everyone that is apart of the In This Moment team came on stage.  Maria thanked them all, as well as everyone in the crowd for coming out to the show.  Maria had little props from the show, that she passed out afterwards to her fans.    


Warming up the venue for In This Moment, was started by Sunflower Dead which was the least known band, but really got the crowd going.  Their faces were all painted, and were very entertaining interacting with the crowd.  Shaman’s Harvest was next, they were a bit more low key.  They had a groovy vibe to them, but were very tame compared to the rest of the evenings show.  Nonpoint followed, and is well loved by Wisconsin!  They are so much fun to watch, as they are all head banging, and jumping around all over the place.  They even have a rule, that if you are not jumping, that people next to you are told by Nonpoint, to make you get up and jump.  I am sure every fan left happy that night, with the spectacular performance put on by ever band!

The Pit Magazine, Tiffany Melson Photography, Sunflower Dead, Nonpoint, Shaman's Harvest, The Rave, Milwaukee, Wisconsin
Sunflower Dead, Nonpoint, and Shaman’s Harvest at The Rave in Milwaukee, Wisconsin. Photos courtesy of Tiffany Melson Photography.

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Photos courtesy of Tiffany Melson Photography in Clinton, Wisconsin. ©2016.

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