Garbage – Papillion, NE – 7.8.16

Garbage – Papillion, NE – 7.8.16

Garbage performed at Sumtur Amphitheater in Papillion, Nebraska on July 8th, 2016

Sumtur Amphitheater in Papillion, Nebraska played host to alternative rock band Garbage during their Strange Little Birds Tour . The small, yet excited audience came alive as Shirley Manson, Butch Vig, Duke Ericson and Steve Marker came on stage. Opening the show for Garbage was Kristin Kontrol (Welchez) who was the leader, Dee Dee, of the Dum Dum girls.

It was a typically sultry day in Papillion and its oppressive nature affected Kristin Kontrol as it seemed to drain any energy they may have had. Overall, it was an enjoyable set, but heat was a factor for their performance.

As the first set ended, the transition from opening band to Garbage seemed quite relaxed. Perhaps the heat or the glaring light of the setting sun onto the stage affected the changeover. They were scheduled to perform at 830pm, but based on the amount of existing sunlight, the Garbage set was postponed until nearly 900pm.

Finally, it was show time and Garbage started with Automatic Systematic Habit, I Think I’m Paranoid and one of the fan favorites, Stupid Girl. Although I did not stay for the entire set, mostly due to heat, the band revealed that Duke Erikson is from Omaha, Nebraska and that his aunt was in the audience celebrating a birthday. It was a cool moment as they led the audience into singing “Happy Birthday” to Duke’s aunt. It was a cool part of their set.

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Photos courtesy of Winsel Photography in Omaha, Nebraska. ©2016.

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2 thoughts on “Garbage – Papillion, NE – 7.8.16

  1. Jon

    Butch Vig wasn’t drumming that night. Should have stayed for the whole show. It was pretty spectacular.

    1. For time I spent there, the show was good. Regrettably, I couldn’t stay for the whole show.

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