Cavalera Conspiracy-Exit In-Nashville-9.16.16

Cavalera Conspiracy-Exit In-Nashville-9.16.16

Cavalera Conspiracy at Exit/In in Nashville, Tennessee on September 16, 2016.

The Cavalera Conspiracy would invade Nashville on 9/16/22016 for the “Return to Roots” Tour. This was the third show of the tour but the first show featuring both Igor and Max. Igor had been dealing with a foot injury that kept him from playing drums the first few shows of the tour.

Max & Igor Cavalera have long been in the metal scene for many years. To the hardcore metal head, their best work is from their days with Sepultura. Some believe their best work was with Soulfly. Regardless of where you stand on this underground argument, I think all agree the album Roots from 1996 is a metal masterpiece and if you were making a top 10 metal list, the album Roots would be on the list. Where it is on the list is up for debate.

Roots Bloody Roots Max screamed into the mic and the crowd went nuts! Between the stale air and the super-hot Brazilian red head in front of me hand banging away I was sure this is what heavy metal heaven was like.  As Max surged through song after song on the Rots album like Cutthroat, Breed apart, Straight Hate, Look away, and Dusted, It was clear he missed these songs and was engrossed in the performance.

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Cavalera Conspiracy at Exit/In in Nashville. Photo courtesy of Revelator Ryan at

Now the Roots album is roughly one hour and 12 minutes on CD. My only complaint and I believe many of those in attendance would be that the band played for about 50 minutes. Granted it was a furious and brutally heavy 50 minutes. The band after closing out the album in what seemed like record time did not come back out for an encore despite chants from the audience for more and still having almost 30 minutes left on their scheduled set time.

In closing I’d say the Return To Roots show was a small glimpse into days long past and maybe a small window of what could have been an epic evening cut short much like Sepultura featuring Max and Igor.

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Photos courtesy of Revelator Ryan of in Nashville, Tennessee. ©2016

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