Bravo Delta – Unbreakable – Record Review

Bravo Delta – Unbreakable – Record Review

American Hard Rock Band BRAVO DELTA Release Their New Album UNBREAKABLE

Bravo Delta Review by The Pitmaster

Before I deliver my review of the Bravo Delta record, I will say that I do not know most of the intricacies of music. Yea, I can tell when rhythms and keys change or when a guitarist or bassist are using a plectrum or if they are finger tapping, but outside of that most of what I hear is what I like to hear. Don’t feel like you missed something when I don’t give the play-by-play of every song. Not happening here.

Bravo Delta is a hard rock band hailing from Las Vegas and they provided my ears with the opportunity to listen their first full-length record, “Unbreakable.” Until this 13 track record was released in February 2019 they had two other EPs on the market, Sunset Wasteland and Shutdown Sequence.

Bravo Delta are:

Brandon Davis (guitars, vocals)
Andy Ingraham (guitars)
Brian Scott (drums)
Roman Davis (bass)

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Bravo Delta Logo

The title track, Unbreakable, comes out of the gate with a strong guitar laden intro by Andy Ingraham and presents a nice guitar solo too. The songs move fluidly throughout the regular interspersing of drum, guitar, and vocal intros. As the record moves to the next track, Fire, I get hit with a powerful drum intro by Brian Scott and then another potent guitar solo. Vocalist, Brandon Davis, has a good vocal range and it stays strong from low to high end of his register, and he transitions well between his melodic to scream voice. Roman Davis is a beast of a bassist.

Midway through the record Bravo Delta injects a three-song opus, Lost at Sea Vol 1, Lost at Sea Vol 2, and Insignificant. For those playing at home “opus” is one of those music terms that I know as one large story that is broken into a series of smaller songs. Volume 1 is a cool acoustic work that sets itself apart from the rest of the record and puts Brandon’s voice to the task going from vocally low to high registers.

Volume 2 shows off the instrumentation of the Bravo Delta. Andy lays down some nice guitar work and the solo is sick while Brandon, Brian, and Roman provide some dope-ass rhythmic support. The final part of the opus, Insignificant, transitions nicely back to into the construct of the rest of the record. Again, Brandon just delivers intensive vocals that change flawless from melodic to scream voice.

The record wraps up with a Knights of Desire, another awesome display of power from Bravo Delta.

I like this record. I have listened to it a dozen times, each time I find another reason to like it.  I do like the back half of Unbroken more the first half. Why? It has more power and gives the band the opportunity to show that they can be put into the ranks of a hard rock band.

The Pit Magazine, Bravo Delta, Unbreakable, Record Review
Bravo Delta Unbreakable

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